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Study Shows Drinking Green Tea May Prevent Lung Cancer

We regularly hear claims about all the wonderful benefits of Green Tea, and recently more and more research is being done to validate these claims. One such study released this week has shown some very good promise in the prevention of lung cancer.

The study performed in Taiwan has shown that regular consumption of Green Tea can significantly lower your risk of developing lung cancer.

The Study which compared 170 lung cancer patients and 340 healthy individuals showed a 13x lower risk of developing lung cancer in smokers. Even nonsmokers who drank green tea were shown to be 5x less likely to develop lung cancer than their counterparts that did not regularly drink green tea.

The protective effect is believed to be provided by the antioxidants in green tea and benefits can be seen from as little as one cup of tea per day.

While the study shows very good promise in the prevention of lung cancer, the American Lung Association cautions that drinking Green Tea should in no way be thought to offset the effects of smoking. Further, the most significant decrease in risk of lung cancer can be achieved by quitting smoking.

The article which appeared on Healthday can be found here.

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