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Kiss Me Organics – Matcha – Review





I love the natural earthiness of a good matcha. In fact over the last year it’s quickly become my morning drink of choice. The only downside to this is that I’ve quickly discovered that there are some very different standards when it comes to what is being sold as matcha and what really is matcha. On the high-end you’ve got the ceremonial grades that sell for a high price and have a great smooth flavor. On the lower end you have the powered green teas that often have a harsh bitter taste, bland color, but a much more affordable price. 


It’s that happy middle ground that has always been hard to find, a decent tasting tea for a reasonable price. Something I can drink everyday without worrying about spilling any would be a great find.


I had all but decided that such a tea didn’t exist. That is until I was asked to give the Kiss Me Organics – Matcha a try. For the price it seems like a pretty reasonable tea and from the taste and color, it’s turned out to be a pretty great tea. I couldn’t believe the rich green color when I opened the bag. Much better than the standard grade matcha I had been drinking that has a distinctive yellow tint. In fact It was much richer than the ceremonial grade that I keep for special occasions. After seeing this I was anxious to give it a try.

KissMeOrganic-3  Over all the tasted did not disappoint. I won’t say that it had the same smooth taste of the high grade matcha, but it was a very good taste with very little bitterness. I liked the grassy, earthy flavor, and combined with the rich color, this has quickly become my new go to tea. So as a matcha, prepared traditionally, I can honestly say this will likely be my first choice going forward. I was intrigued however because with the tea, I also received a list of matcha recipes. Since this tea is being marketed also as a culinary product and included some recipes, I decided to give a few a shot. I tried the Sparkling Match, and Iced Ginger Matcha, having never tried using matcha in anything but traditionally prepared tea, I was surprised at how good the drinks were. I won’t say that I could taste the matcha over the lime, ginger, or sparkling water, but since the tea has such a bright green color it gave the drinks a really nice color, plus the added antioxidants.


If you are in the market for a good matcha or green tea powder at an affordable price, I highly recommend you give this one a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


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